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Volunteer with everydayhero.

Give your time by volunteering for the cause that matters to you.

All too often, the problem with trying to make a difference in the world, is not knowing whether you are making a difference or how much of one. Whenever you give your effort, your time, your voice, your heart, your self – it all counts. And at everydayhero we count it.

With everydayhero you can volunteer for your cause and see and track all the hours you spend giving back on your personal Giving Footprint™.

everydayhero’s integration with VolunteerMatch enables you to find volunteering opportunities near you, log your VolunteerMatch hours against your goals, and watch the effort and time you give to your favorite causes contribute to the growth of your Footprint™.

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Volunteering with everydayhero

How it works

Set your Volunteering goal

Whether it’s 5 hours for animal welfare, or 20 hours for the environment, choose from a range of causes to support and set your volunteering goal.

Find a volunteering opportunity

Enter your location and search VolunteerMatch opportunities in your area straight from your everydayhero account.

See and track your impactLog your hours and see your impact

Log your hours as you do them and watch your Giving Footprint™ grow! Each time you volunteer you will see the time and effort you’ve given reflected on your Footprint™.

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Fundraising with everydayhero

Frequently Asked Questions

What is everydayhero?

everydayhero is a secure online fundraising platform which empowers people just like you, all over the world, to volunteer and fundraise for the causes closest to their hearts.

We’re here to make giving easier, more accessible and enjoyable. We believe giving is more than just the money you raise and donate – it’s also the voice you put into telling others about your favorite causes, and the time and effort you spend volunteering. With everydayhero all of these things count and contribute to the growth of your personal Giving Footprint™ inside your account.

Your Giving Footprint™ shows you the real impact you are having for the causes you love and the quantifiable difference you are making, giving you feedback and showing you that everything you do counts!

How do I create my fundraising page?

Simply click the ‘Sign Up’ button to create your everydayhero account. Once inside your account create a volunteering goal and search for opportunities near you. Register for the volunteering opportunity you wish to take part in, then remember to log your hours once you have completed them inside your account.

I have a question about volunteering, where can I get help?

You can get 24/7 help through our Sidekick online help center which has answers to the most frequently asked questions along with screenshots and step-by-step instructions. If you need further assistance, contact us on (213) 293-1133, Sidekick’s live chat feature or by email.

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