What we're all about

Since we were founded in 2007, everydayhero has been helping people all over the world, just like you, connect with and support the causes they love. And in helping these wonderful people, we’ve learned that giving isn’t just about money. You also give your time, your voice, your energy, your heart… your self, all of which makes a huge difference to the causes you care about.

We also understand that feedback keeps you inspired and knowing you are part of bigger community united by common causes gives you a greater sense of impact and purpose. As a Blackbaud┬ásolution, we are an established, secure and leading nonprofit technology partner. We’re not a venture capital backed ‘idea’, we are here for the long term and are dedicated to making giving easier, more accessible and more enjoyable for people around the world.

So, if you want to do good, feel good about it, and have greater sense of what you really give. If you want to be part of something bigger and know that everything you do for the causes you love, counts.

Welcome to everydayhero.


everydayhero by the numbers

We’re amazed at the inspiring stories, incredible feats and the lengths our community of wonderful people go to, to help the causes closest to their hearts. Here’s just a small snapshot of some highlights over the last 6 years.


People who have supported causes

Number of charities helped


Furthest distance walked


miles from Perth to Sydney

Highest amount raised by one person