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everydayhero, a global fundraising platform founded in Australia, has announced its arrival in the UK. Now, people can track and share their giving activities and visualise their giving journey over time.

everdayhero is a service that aims to re-define the modern giving experience. While many existing services allow people to raise and donate money to causes, everydayhero enables fundraising and volunteering whilst also providing a visual representation of the time, effort, and social engagement that goes into supporting a cause. Supporters can select a charity, start fundraising or volunteering, and begin tracking their Giving Footprint™.

The everydayhero platform is integrated with applications and services that easily enable members to record and track volunteer hours, time and effort spent training, stories shared and money raised. To accurately quantify supporters’ Giving Footprint™, everydayhero has partnered with MapMyFitness, Strava, Facebook and Twitter.

“Raising money isn’t a true measure of the good people do for causes they care about — we want to help people see the full impact of their charitable efforts. We’re excited to offer this new approach in the United Kingdom.”

— Simon Lockyer, co-founder of everydayhero.

As a Blackbaud company we  are an established, secure and leading charity technology partner. We’re not a venture capital backed ‘idea’, we are here for the long term and are dedicated to making giving easier, more accessible and more enjoyable for people around the world.


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