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FundraiseOnline was acquired by everydayhero in 2015 and from 30th September 2016 will no longer be available. We invite you to visit everydayhero to raise much-needed funds for NZ causes.

everydayhero believes that giving isn’t just about money – that supporters of charity also give their time, voice, effort and energy when fundraising and giving to their favourite causes and that these things should count too.

Fundraising on everydayhero offers a range of benefits for supporters:

  • Fully mobile fundraising pages that enable you to blog about your fundraising journey through posts to your page’s activity feed, accept donations on your smartphone and share your page more seamlessly through social media.
  • Ability to connect apps such as MapMyFitness and Strava (coming soon) to your fundraising page and post your runs, rides and other fitness activities done in support of a charity to your fundraising page.
  • Access to a larger range of charities to support – more than 200.

Learn more about using everydayhero to support charity.