Fundraise. Donate. Volunteer.

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See the impact of all that you give

Giving is more than just money

Giving is the effort you put in

Giving is the time you spend

Giving is your voice when you spread the word

Giving is working together to make a bigger difference

How it works

  1. Set your fundraising & volunteering goalsWhether it’s 10 hours for animal rights or €500 for health and medicine, set your goal and aim high.
  2. Achieve your goals, do your thingVolunteer, raise money, spread the word about the causes you love.
  3. Track your progressView your donations received, page views, volunteering hours logged, miles run and more.
  4. See your impactSee the impact your voice, effort, time, money and community are making for the causes you care about.

Fundraise. Donate. Volunteer.

The new

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