Everydayhero for schools, sporting associations, and community groups

Since we were founded in 2007, Everydayhero has been helping schools, sporting associations, and community groups succeed with online fundraising.

Whether you’re planning to put on an event such as a sports day or fun run, or you simply want to enable your community to fundraise online for you, Everydayhero makes it easy. There’s no need for any more paper sponsorship forms! Your students or community can create online fundraising pages which they share with their friends and family via email and social media asking for support and sponsorship. Everydayhero collects the donations and pays them directly into your nominated bank account.

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It’s easy and hassle free! There’s no need for students, parents or your organisation to handle cash, all the money is collected online and receipts are automatically issued to donors on your behalf.

Joining is easy. Check out our frequently asked questions to learn more about partnering with us.


Joining everydayhero is easy

  • Enable your school community to raise money for you through our range of event partnerships.
  • Give your school community not just a better way to fundraise, but a better way to give by recognising and acknowledging all the things they do for you.
  • From our school sign up process to automatic donation reconciliation and receipting, partnering with us is easy and simple.
  • As a Blackbaud company, we are an established, secure and leading technology partner working globally to help nonprofits succeed in their mission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join everydayhero?

Joining Everydayhero helps us seamlessly deposit the funds that your school community raises and gives directly into your bank account every fortnight. By completing our fast and easy joining process, you are giving us the green light to pass on the funds to you, reconcile donations on your behalf and automatically issue receipts to your wonderful donors.

Are there any costs involved?

It is FREE for all schools, sporting organisations and community groups to join Everydayhero. Our platform does have service fees which are required to maintain the platform and ensure that we remain 100% secure. See a breakdown of our fees.

What do I have to do to join everydayhero?

You can join Everydayhero using the green button below. To sign up, you’ll need to let us know your contact information and other particulars about your school, your account details (where you would like us to deposit funds) as well as supporting evidence for verification. For further information about joining everydayhero, visit our Sidekick Knowledge Centre.

Can I start receiving funds right away?

Once you’ve submitted your registration, our super compliance team will process the information you’ve provided. As soon as your school is approved, we’ll send you a friendly email to let you know that your wonderful school community can start raising money for you. Funds are securely transferred to your school’s bank account every two weeks.

You can learn more about the benefits of joining Everydayhero by visiting our online Sidekick Help Centre.

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“I found online fundraising [with Everydayhero] incredibly easy. I sent my fundraising page by email to friends and family at the beginning of our school fundraising campaign, but never imagined I would get such a response. I raised $12,400.” David Lloyd, parent of a Clarke Road School student