How to Fundraise While Working From Home: 6 Fun & Creative Ideas

If you’re working from home, just remember: there are thousands of others in our Everydayhero community right there with you (virtually, of course)!

With restrictions still placed on many regular outdoor activities, public gatherings, and even visiting friends, nobody likes to feel isolated or helpless, and we know that our community just wants to support the causes they love.

So today we’ve compiled six fun, easy, and creative ways you can raise money from home.

QUICK TIP: donate during tax time (between now and 30 June) and you could claim an extra deduction on your taxes! Visit this page to choose your charity and make a difference when they need it most.


  1. Run solo for a cause

    In place of the community running events that would usually kick off around this time of the year, many people are being proactive by running their own events…in their own home! This can be a personal fundraising challenge or one you take on with friends.

    What’s even cooler is that you can track your progress on the fitness app integrations on your everydayhero fundraising page. Whether it’s around your neighbourhood, along the riverwalk, or even in your own backyard, you can grab your gear and get after it!

  2. run for a cause

  3. Host a virtual dinner party

    With many restaurants and outdoor activities closed right now, that requires us to think of creative fundraising ideas while spending time together inside.

    Here’s a fun and easy one: simply get your foodie friends together, decide on a dish (or a menu for some variety), and cook up a storm! Join each other on a video call and vote on the best-presented dish.

  4. virtual dinner party

  5. Get the crew together for a virtual ‘Girls Night In’

    Get the crew together for a virtual ‘Girls Night In’
    ‘Alexa…play Beyonce’ because tonight the club is coming to you! Pour yourself a cheeky drink (zero judgement) and enjoy girls night from the comfort of your own home.

    Light the candles, grab the facemasks, and hook your best gals up via livestream to enjoy this virtual spa treat!

  6. virtual girls night

  7. Power through a push-up competition

    Push yourself and your friends with a virtual push-up challenge to raise money for charity. Who can reach a certain push-up count by a specific date, while raising the most?


    FUNDRAISING PRO TIP: Fill out your fundraising page completely: fundraisers who upload a profile photo raise an average of 10x more than those who don’t!


  9. Game your heart out

    What’s better than spending an entire day playing your favourite games with friends? Doing it for a cause! Choose the games, grab your favourite snacks, and set up the party chat, because a video game marathon is a perfect way to raise money and get your mates involved too.

  10. gaming for charity

  11. Donate your weekly commute

    Like most of the world, if you’re working from home, it’s likely you’re saving some money from your weekly work commute. A thoughtful and simple way to make a difference is to donate your usual bus fare, train ticket, or petrol to your favourite charity!


  13. Bonus: let us know how you’re helping!

    We love sharing supporters’ stories on our weekly Supporter Spotlight. Tag us @everydayhero in your photos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to let us know you’re fundraising and for which cause, and we’ll help you spread the word!

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I’ve never raised money before… do you have any tips or fundraising ideas?

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