Ethics Policy

everydayhero‘s purpose is to create a new sustainable economy for not-for profit charities and causes (NFPs) by integrating their fundraising needs into the Everyday activities of modern life. everydayhero provides a reliable and consistent funding stream for NFPs and the communities that need them.

everydayhero makes it possible for people and businesses to support the society they are part of through their everyday activities. Supporting community causes becomes the natural consequence of engaging with others on the everydayhero community page, and action replaces benevolence in a way that allows every member of everydayhero to support their community at their own level and enjoy the personal benefits arising from their actions.

everydayhero is a business that observes strong ethical principles and honours responsibility in business practices. Importantly, everydayhero favours positive outcomes for the NFPs that are the cornerstone of the business.

These guidelines define the ethical responsibilities of everydayhero. They also define a code of conduct for the organisation, its employees, partners and associates, which gives clarification to conduct which will not be tolerated by everydayhero.

Business Ethics

The management of everydayhero will in the governance of the business:

  • Be guided by positive outcomes for NFP organisations,
  • Be committed to the interests of NFP organisations, the members of everydayhero, its employees and shareholders,
  • Avoid conflicts of interest that compromise everydayhero‘s commitment to the interests of NFP organisations,
  • Demonstrate transparency in business and financial practices,
  • State clearly any service fee payable to everydayhero from online donations, and only change that fee with the agreement of the recipient NFP,
  • Undertake auditing processes relevant to the purpose of the business (including corporate social responsibility auditing),
  • Adhere to the principles and requirements of the law,
  • Follow privacy principles,
  • Honour the principles of natural justice in managing problems with all stakeholders,
  • Be proactive in ensuring a safe, non-discriminatory and friendly online environment for all users, and
  • Observe the principles of fairness, respect and impartiality in relationships with all stakeholders.


everydayhero will:

  • Promote recognition, encouragement and enjoyment in the workplace environment,
  • Respect the need for training and professional development for employees, and
  • Be proactive in ensuring a safe, non-discriminatory and diverse workplace.


everydayhero will:

  • Form respectful partnerships with NFPs and make decisions that favour positive outcomes for these NFPs and their constituents,
  • Nurture a culture of mutual trust, support and encouragement within these partnerships, and
  • Partner with businesses that create a positive social or environmental benefit and demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility including the principles reflected in these ethical guidelines.

Social and Environmental Change, and Community Investment

everydayhero will:

  • Only favour NFPs that create a positive social or environmental benefit,
  • Favour opportunities for ethical purchasing,
  • Favour eco-efficiencies,
  • Participate in positive social and environmental change at local and global levels, and
  • Investigate and implement opportunities for everydayhero to have a positive impact on the local and global communities in which it operates and from which it sources.


everydayhero will:

  • Work with government to ensure revenues raised by everydayhero are incremental to existing and future government assistance, and
  • Ensure everydayhero revenues comply with existing taxation laws permitting tax deductibility status for the individuals and businesses that participate, where relevant.